Can Vaporizers Help Marijuana Addiction?

Posted on 20 of June, 2014 by in info

Marijuana isn’t meth in case you didn’t know…I used to be someone who smoke a lot of cigarettes. I know that is horrible for you, but I was addicted at an early age back in high school when my friend offered me for cigarette. After that there’s just no turning back I was always wanting one and fiending for one. I’m not sure why decided to start doing it, maybe was the cool thing to do, But I’m really not sure. I ultimately decided that I need to stop this so I looked into getting vaporized because I had read online about the health benefits that you received from using them. That’s why they seemed to work well.

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Well I don’t know if you would call the health benefits but in what I’m trying to say is it’s much healthier to use them than your typical cigarette. The reason being is that it’s vapor during your lunch rather than actual smoke. The smoke damages your lungs and chars them up as opposed to the vaporizer where it’s just paper so it’s not near as bad for your lungs.

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So basically the point of this post to tell you guys are ended up curing my cost with using the vaporizer. I had this horrible smokers cough and people of those comments about how disgusting it was. I was constantly coughing up black mucous and my girlfriend did not like it should just bitch and complain about it. This one is very popular.  I didn’t want to hear anymore of her nonsense I told that I was going to stop and I would end up just using a vaporizer instead. Ever since then, I haven’t looked back and I continue to just use a vaporizer. Our story short after a couple months of using it, my cough was completely gone and I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. It sucks a quite nice that I didn’t have to worry about it anymore because it is something that is not good for you and it’s very annoying.